Wrongful Death & Survival Claims

For any of us who have lost a loved one, we know the aftermath can be painfully complicated and time consuming. Under Louisiana law, the survivors of a person who has been killed due to the negligence of another can claim against the negligent party on behalf of the deceased. This claim is called a survival claim, and it can be brought simultaneously with a wrongful death claim. 

Surviving Family Members

According to Louisiana law, when a person dies due to the wrongdoing, negligence, or intentional actions of another, a lawsuit may be filed for compensation of damages by the surviving family members. Surviving family members may entail: 

  • a spouse or children
  • a father or mother, if there are no surviving spouse or children 
  • siblings, if there are no surviving spouse, children, or parents
  • grandparents, if the deceased left no surviving spouse, children, parents, or siblings

Types Of Losses

The losses for which family members are entitled to seek compensation due to the wrongful death of their loved one include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial support
  • Loss of household services
  • Loss of love and affection

Causes of wrongful death may include automobile accidents, 18-wheeler and commercial trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, work-related accidents, malfunctioning products, medical malpractice, and various other types of injuries.

The unexpected loss of a loved one can cause emotional and financial disruptions in the family dynamic. Our job is to seek justice for your loved one’s death. The attorneys at Breaux Law Firm are here for you through this difficult time, not only as your lawyers, but also as your personal support. 

Hiring An Attorney
With over 35 years of experience, we at Breaux Law Firm understand how to navigate the world of claims in New Orleans and Louisiana. You can rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost respect and priority to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to as quickly as possible. Our job is to get you the maximum compensation you are due. We’re here to protect your rights. 

By hiring a trusted law firm to represent you and your case, you can put your mind at ease; this will allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries. Let us do the paperwork, deal with the insurance companies, and get you the compensation you deserve. 

Why Choose Breaux Law Firm?

If your loved one was the victim of wrongful death and you are their survivor, the attorneys at Breaux Law Firm are the best option for you, and here’s why: 

  • Having been in business for over three decades, we’re highly experienced and well versed in personal injury law, no matter how complicated the case may be. 
  • We’re a family-run business dedicated to our clients, their well-being, and their cases. We believe in holding responsible parties accountable and getting the compensation our clients deserve.
  • Our firm has a policy of open communication and responsiveness. We’re always available to discuss your case when you need to, and we can explain any detail you want to know. 
  • Our reputation as a trustworthy personal injury law firm speaks for itself. We fight for you as if we were fighting for one of our own family members. 

Losing a loved one is never easy. If you call us and we determine, together, that you have a case, we’ll immediately begin fighting on your behalf to make the responsible parties do what is right. We do not stop fighting for you until you receive all you’re owed.

By hiring Breaux Law Firm to represent you, you can expect a clear legal explanation of your case and an honest assessment of the case’s merits. We can help you get through this difficult time and ensure you’re taken care of emotionally, physically, and financially.

Next Steps
In Louisiana, the statute of limitations applicable to wrongful death and survival claims is one year from the date of the accident, so don’t wait! If the suit is filed after the deadline, it can be dismissed. However, it’s always a good idea to seek legal advice, as there are exceptions in which the statute of limitations may be halted and the deadline for filing a claim extended. 

Although filing claims or reliving traumatic experiences can be overwhelming, moving towards the compensation you are due is the right thing for you and your family. You’re not alone in this fight. The qualified attorneys of Breaux Law Firm are just a phone call away. Let us handle your case and get you what you deserve.