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Serving New Orleans and Louisiana for over 30 years, Breaux Law Firm has represented thousands of injured people. Our representation has resulted in over $100,000,000.00 recovered for our clients.

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for Accidents on the Job

A longshoreman was injured while working on the Mississippi River. The gentleman was struck in the head by an improperly welded metal plate resulting in neck injuries and requiring surgery. We were able to recover past and future lost wages for him.


for Car Accidents

This client was in an automobile accident with an RTA bus. He sustained injuries to his neck, back, and shoulders. The gentleman had to undergo neck and shoulder surgery and was no longer able to work as a longshoreman because of the accident.


Motor Vehicle Accident

A woman was injured in an automobile accident in New Orleans and had to undergo right shoulder arthroscopic surgery. The case settled the day before a jury trial.


Motor Vehicle Accident

A 35-year-old man was rear-ended while driving his vehicle on Interstate 10, suffering a severe lumbar spine injury that required surgery to repair. The injury and resulting disability prevented him from returning to his prior occupation.


Commercial Accident

Our client was in an automobile accident with a commercial vehicle. He suffered injuries to his lumbar spine, including operable herniated discs. The client had the surgery, as well as a sizable lost wage and future lost wage claim, all of which we recovered.


Medical Malpractice

While working for his employer, our client was involved in an automobile accident. He made a workers’ compensation claim and had to have surgery because of the accident. However, the doctor operated on the wrong disc in his back! We were able to recover the maximum amount allowable under the medical malpractice statute for our client’s injuries.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was injured in an automobile accident where the at-fault driver ran a red light. She needed to have surgery for her injuries.


18-Wheeler Accident

A man was rear-ended on Interstate10 by an 18-wheeler big rig. The client suffered severe injuries to his lumbar spine, and his doctor recommended a lumbar fusion. The client elected not to have the surgery.


Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was rear-ended while on Highway 90. The liable party had only $15,000 of insurance at the time of the accident. The client had to undergo a lumbar discectomy due to his injuries from the accident. We were able to recover the full amount under the uninsured motorist provisions of our client’s own automobile policy.