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December 31, 2022

Personal Injury Case Study 07: Rear-Ended Client Awarded $295,000.00

by Evan Breaux | Case Studies on Personal Injury | 0 comments

In 2019, a woman in her seventies in Jefferson Parish was injured when her car was rear-ended accident by another vehicle. While the property damage to her vehicle was minimal, she was severely injured, with two herniated discs in her neck. This injury required her to undergo a two-level cervical neck fusion, a risky and costly surgery.

In order to successfully recover from the car accident, both physically, financially, and emotionally, she turned to Breaux Law Firm.

Due to the mild level of property damage, the at-fault driver’s insurance company tried to argue that our client’s doctor was being overly aggressive and that surgery should not be required. The insurance company even went so far as to hire their own expert to prove the surgery was unnecessary and thus the money to compensate her for her surgery should not be awarded. For a year and a half, the insurance company refused payment. But we at Breaux Law Firm fought back against their unfounded arguments and time-wasting tactics, and eventually, a trial date was set.

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After two years of back and forth, with the jury trial date set, the other driver’s insurance company asked to settle in mediation, outside of a trial. They offered $295,000.00 which our client happily accepted. As an older woman who had just been through a harrowing accident and recovered from significant surgery. The last thing she wanted was to go to trial.

At Breaux Law Firm, we always advise our clients to make the decisions that feel best for them—and we make a point to be respectful of their wishes and choices. We listened to what our client wanted, fought for years to help her receive full financial compensation, and succeeded in winning her significant compensation on terms that she felt comfortable with.

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