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Privacy Policy

At Breaux Law Firm we understand how important your privacy is to you and are committed to protecting the information you share with us through our website. In an effort to safeguard your personal data, we strive for transparency when it comes to collecting information you share with us through the Internet. We treat all the information you provide with respect and are committed to the safety and security of those who use our website. We strive to take appropriate technical and administrative measures in order to prevent any misuse, loss, damage, or destruction of your information. We will not disclose nor sell any personal information that could identify you to a third party unless required by law. We will never sell nor distribute personal information that may be collected on our servers.

In this privacy policy, we will outline the type of information we collect, how and when we use that information, and how we ensure your personal information is safeguarded and respectfully protected.

Collecting Personal Information

Any information that is directly inputted by a person is stored on our website. This includes signing up for newsletters, or responding to marketing emails or communications. Personal information may also be stored on our web servers or through website cookies. Anonymous data is also collected from every website visitor to ensure that the website is functioning in an efficient and timely manner.

If a visitor is prompted to fill out an online form, they may be asked to provide specific identifying information such as their name, phone number, address, or e-mail address. When this information is provided, it is saved onto our secure server. Because of the nature of the Internet, we cannot guarantee complete security of personal information. Any information provided by users is at their own risk.

Information on Servers

When a user lands on our website, we may collect information about their visit and store it on our servers. The information we collect includes:

  • IP address
  • Geographic location from which the website is being accessed
  • Internet service provider name
  • The type of hardware or software being used
  • The links clicked on within the website
  • Date and time of visit
  • The referral link or website used to get to our website
  • Pages viewed while on the website
  • Search queries

This information provides us with a better understanding of user needs and can help us provide a better user experience. Additionally, we can ensure that every protection is in place for any misuse or unintended disclosure of information. We try to provide the maximum security we can to our visitors.


A cookie is data that is stored on a user’s computer by an internet browser while on a particular website. Cookies remember and record a user’s web activities and store certain pieces of data which provides an easier, more personalized internet experience. For instance, if a user fills out a form on a website, the information will be remembered for future use. When there is substantial traffic on our sites, cookies remember our user’s activities and help provide easier navigation with pre-filled forms.

Cookies are also an important and essential measure of authentication for web servers. Websites that ask for and provide sensitive or personal information rely on user authentication for security purposes. Cookies are able to identify specific users and ensure the correct information is provided to the correct user. Additionally, we use cookies to provide better browsing. For instance, the cookies on this site:

  • Will use past and current site activity to provide preferential information for the user while on the site
  • Will compile data about website traffic and interactions to provide a better user experience in the future.

In order to turn off cookies, users can go into their browser settings and disable them. Some site content or features, however, may also be disabled when cookies are turned off.

Using Personal Information

User information can improve your browsing experience. We provide a more personalized browsing experience by giving you access to resources and information that you may find relevant. In this way, we are able to show you services and products that are helpful to you. We will not share any information you provide with others, unless we have clearly stated in this policy that we will. Additionally, we will identify when information is collected and will only collect information necessary for our own use.

Information that you provide through a contact form or through our website may be used to communicate with you in the future. If you do not want receive any additional communication or information from us, you have the option to unsubscribe.

Protecting Your Information

Appropriate measures will be taken to protect your personal information from any unauthorized usage or disclosure. However, we cannot guarantee complete security and information provided will be at the risk of the user.

When it comes to accessibility, we will not sell or disclose any information or data to any third parties or unaffiliated parties unless stated below:

  • To other attorneys or firms that may be able to help you in the event that we are unable to assist in your case
  • If required by law or by a court

If you would like to change or delete any personal information that we may have on our servers or on file, you can opt out of any future contact or contact us via telephone.

Third Party Disclosure

Breaux Law Firm do not trade or sell personal information of users to third parties. If requested, and only with the consent of our clients, will we provide personal information or information related to a case to third parties.

Additionally, we do not provide or offer any third-party services or links on our website.