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May 18, 2022

Personal Injury Case Study 03: New Orleans’ Top Rideshare Accident Personal Injury Experts Win Client $250,000

by Evan Breaux | Case Studies on Personal Injury | 0 comments

Each time you get in an Uber, Lyft, or taxi, you put your life in another driver’s hands. It’s only fair to expect your rideshare driver to make legal and safe choices as they deliver you safely to your destination. Yet, unfortunately, this is not always the situation. 

In 2019, Breaux Law Firm’s reputation as New Orleans’ top personal injury experts specializing in rideshare accidents brought us a gentleman injured while riding as a passenger in an Uber. We were proud to take on his case—and to successfully win our wronged client a $250,000 settlement.

Our client, a 54-year-old pharmaceutical executive from San Francisco, was at the top of his career when a car accident in New Orleans changed everything. The driver of the Uber he was riding in took an illegal left turn on Howard Street, at the intersection of Howard and Rampart. An oncoming SUV struck the side of the car, directly on the back passenger door, where our client sat. 

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The car’s airbag hit our client in the face, and the impact threw him to the opposite side of the car. Our client was left with a herniated disk in his lumbar spine; in addition, several vertebrae had shifted and severed his nerves, causing persistent drop foot. These injuries resulted in a lame foot that was unable to function properly and a debilitating limp. 

Having suffered a concussion, our client experienced persistent tinnitus, hearing loss, memory lapse, memory loss, and neck pain. His lifestyle changed drastically: unable to continue in his 90-minute daily work commute, he had to find a new job; he could no longer play his beloved hobby of tennis; and, moreover, he found any activity requiring walking to be difficult and painful.

Since this car accident was clearly the Uber driver’s fault, Breaux Law Firm created a two-part demand package on our client’s behalf. A mediation—a process in which two parties meet at a neutral location to discuss the terms of a settlement outside of the court system and without going to trial—was scheduled. 

The defendant’s opening offer in the settlement process was a measly $20,000—an offer we did not accept. Using our expertise in the field of personal injury law and our extensive knowledge of the New Orleans legal system, the case was successfully settled for $250,000.

Our client left this mediation feeling satisfied, financially compensated for his ongoing recovery, and emotionally supported by his legal team. And all because he Googled “rideshare accident specialist,” found the experienced attorneys at Breaux Law Firm, and sent us an inquiry. We could not have been happier to help this client receive the compensation he deserved and to fight for his right to a safe journey while paying for a rideshare service.