June 15, 2021
Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get You More Compensation From Insurance Companies After Car Accidents?
by Evan Breaux | Personal Injury Lawyers | 0 comments
Personal Injury Lawyers Help After Car Accidents

The short answer is: yes, personal injury lawyers are statistically more likely to help you, as a victim of a car accident, get more compensation from your insurance company

Under Louisiana Auto Insurance law, motorists must carry liability coverage on any automobile they own. This auto insurance is a purchase you make as a consumer in order to protect you from financial loss due to property damage, medical bills, legal fees, or lost income after a car accident. Ideally, your auto insurance provider should understand, respect, and honor agreements with its clients. 

Whether a local or nationwide company, your auto insurance agency should answer all of your inquiries and assist you in every situation, nurturing your relationship as a business and client. You are paying them for their help in representing you and your needs, and after a car accident, that is even more important. It’s what the insurance company is there for.

On top of that, insurance in Louisiana is not cheap!

According to a study conducted by the Insurance Research Council in 2018, Louisiana has some of the most expensive auto insurance costs in the US.

One reason for our high cost of auto insurance is the frequency of auto accidents and resulting injury claims, many of which involve attorneys and legal action. For example, the study found that in 2017, Louisiana had the highest rate of bodily injury liability claims in the US, almost double the rate in the rest of the country. 

The Insurance Research Council reports that in 2017, 54% of Louisianans involved in car accidents hired personal injury attorneys, and 16% of Louisianans were likely to file lawsuits. Both of those percentages are 6% higher than the rates in the rest of the country. 

With the cost of auto insurance in Louisiana significantly higher than in the rest of the US, we also have a higher percentage of uninsured drivers—another factor that keeps our auto premium costs high, perpetuating a costly cycle for residents of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and other cities across Louisiana. 

However, even though you are paying a high premium for auto insurance, not all insurance agencies can meet the expectations you have for how they should run their business or treat you as a client.

You might have unwittingly chosen a second-rate insurance company that is unwilling to fight for you or to see your side. Or you as the policyholder might disagree with your insurance agency on the settlement. In these situations, hiring an accident lawyer may be necessary.

Why Do Claimants Hire Attorneys for Insurance Claim Settlement?

Almost half of the auto injury victims hire attorneys to settle their compensation claims. The widespread reason to hire attorneys is to get the highest settlement possible from the insurance. Recent studies show claimants consult or take help from attorneys because of delays in getting the claim settled on their own and they are unhappy with the settlement amount offered. 

Personal injury attorneys know how to accurately calculate the right amount of compensation for physical injuries, trauma, vehicle damage, and other losses due to the accident. Hence. Auto accident injury victims can manage a fair amount of settlement money and better results with the assistance of a lawyer.

What Does This Mean For You as a Driver?

If you and your insurance provider are not seeing eye to eye on your claim, or if you feel you are not being listened to or respected by the insurance agency or insurance adjusters, you should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. 

A personal injury attorney offers you not only guidance through the legal process but will stand up for you and push back against tactics an insurance company may use to dissuade you from pursuing legal action or to encourage you to settle for a smaller amount than you deserve. 

As a victim of a car accident, having a personal injury attorney on your side means you have a much higher chance of getting the full breadth of your injury and property damage costs covered. 

One reason for this is that personal injury attorneys can accurately calculate the total costs associated with your injuries, loss of income, and property damage. In addition, personal injury attorneys understand the long-term, lasting effects a victim of a car accident could possibly encounter and will work with your medical team to assess those estimated long-term effects. 

Personal injury attorneys also understand how to calculate the projected loss of income, if, for example, the long-term effects of your injury will decrease your productivity or efficiency at work. The average driver handling a claim with an insurance company on their own is unlikely to know how to make such important calculations and may misjudge the severity of his or her pain and suffering. 

In addition to working with your medical team to accurately assess injuries, a personal injury attorney may work with a team of investigators, the police, accident recreation specialists, and other professionals in order to gather sufficient details to ensure everyone who is responsible for the accident is held accountable.

Auto manufacturers, bartenders or drinking establishments, mechanics, and even the government could all be held responsible if the accident was caused by another person’s failure to follow the law or do their job. Again, the average driver making a claim on their own may not understand the full complexity of the situation.

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