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June 29, 2022

Breaux Law Firm Takes a Strong Approach When Dealing with Insurance Companies on Your Behalf After a Car Accident in New Orleans

by Evan Breaux | Car Accident Settlements | 0 comments

In this article, we cover:
(1) Why you should not call an auto insurance company yourself after a car accident in New Orleans.
(2) Why you should call Breaux Law Firm to deal with the insurance company on your behalf. And
(3) The first five steps to take immediately after a car accident in New Orleans.

New Orleans car accidents happen with an alarming frequency. According to data from the Louisiana Department of Transportation, our state experienced 987 car accident-related fatalities in 2021, a 19% increase from 2020 and a total fatality number that surpasses the previous record-setting year of 2007.

But, sadly, the auto insurance industry is primarily concerned with profits. The auto insurance industry makes money through collecting insurance premiums, and they largely want to avoid paying out the full value of every claim they receive. 

What is the main thing you need when dealing with insurance companies, whether making a claim or filing a suit? A personal injury attorney who takes a strong approach on your behalf. Who fights for you as if you were a beloved family member, and who has the skills and experience in both the world of New Orleans accidents and the financial, physical, and emotional recovery process in the aftermath of a wreck. 

Where do you find that type of attorney? At Breaux Law Firm.

Not only do we take a strong approach with insurance companies, but also we know the tricks they like to pull, and all the ways they try to take advantage of car accident victims.

The auto insurance industry takes advantage of car accident victims primarily. By knowing that most citizens don’t understand the full extent of what they are owed if they are injured in an automobile accident. For example, after a car accident in New Orleans, a victim may be owed money for property damage payment or repairs, past and future physical pain and suffering damages, past and future emotional pain and suffering damages, current medical bills incurred, and future medical bills likely to be incurred, lost wages, and the future loss of earning capacity. 

The insurance company is going to hide this information from you. And will likely offer to settle your claim for a number that is too low. But don’t fall for this ploy!

After A Car Accident In New Orleans, Should I Call the Insurance Company Myself?

No! After a car accident in New Orleans, you may consider simply calling insurance companies yourself. However, that’s not a good idea—and here’s why:

Many injured persons will try to deal directly with the liable auto insurance company soon after an accident. The insurance company loves when this happens! They will assign a “non-repped” insurance adjuster to handle a claim for a person who is not represented by an attorney. The adjuster’s sole purpose is to resolve the claim as cheaply as possible, meaning the adjuster will offer the victim a few thousand dollars to settle the claim and resolve liability. 

However, once the victim accepts this money and releases liability, the claim is closed. The victim can never ask for more money—even if she or he accrues hundreds or thousands of additional medical bill costs.

We at Breaux Law Firm get discouraged whenever we see people who have been taken advantage of by auto insurance companies in this way! Imagine accepting a few thousand dollars in the initial aftermath of the car crash, and then realizing, after a year of medical bills, car repairs, loss of wages from days taken off work for physical therapy or medical appointments, that your expenses have far exceeded the few thousands they gave you. But, unfortunately, if you get into this situation and accept the auto insurance company’s offer, your hands are tied.

On the other side of the spectrum is what happens when you hire a personal attorney after a car accident. First, the attorney will send a letter of representation to the auto insurance company on your behalf. This signals something to the auto insurance company and they will treat your claim quite differently. An “attorney-repped” adjuster with more authority within the insurance company will be assigned to your claim. When you have an attorney backing you up in your claim. It is unlikely that you will be offered a measly settlement amount

We at Breaux Law Firm not only believe in taking a strong approach when dealing with insurance companies, but we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise—especially in car accidents in New Orleans—to win major successes for our clients. 

Why Call Breaux Law Firm after a New Orleans Car Wreck?

At Breaux Law Firm, we use our decades of experience representing victims in personal injury cases, to make sure we have a strong chance of success before agreeing to take on a client. We don’t get paid unless you win your settlement. If Breaux Law Firm accepts you as a client, rest assured that we will get the best results for you.

The time after an accident should be a time when you focus on you and your healing. Dealing with insurance companies can just add to your stress. At Breaux Law Firm, we remove that stress, engage with the auto insurance companies on your behalf, and allow you to focus instead on your medical care and getting your life back to normal. 

Reminder: Steps to Take After a New Orleans Car Accident

As a quick reminder, be sure to take these steps in the immediate aftermath of a car accident:

  1. When you’ve been in an accident, you may be in shock. First, make sure you’re okay before you stop and assess the damage. Never drive away from an accident, no matter the fault or severity of the accident. 
  1. Dial 911 for an immediate medical response for yourself or anyone who has been injured in the accident. Once the police arrive, file a police report so that you have a record of the incident. When it comes to personal injury claims, the report will involve statements from both drivers involved in the accident, any passengers, and eyewitnesses to the incident. This information will be sent to insurance companies, where liability can be determined.
  1. Make sure you can coherently and clearly state to the best of your ability how the accident happened. If you’re unsure of particular facts or circumstances, let the police officer know. You absolutely do not need to know all the details. Speculating or misinterpreting facts can actually hurt your claim later. Additionally, if you’re in shock and have not felt the extent of your injuries at the time, you may not be able to recall things clearly, so take your time and give yourself some space to understand everything that has happened.
  1. If safe to do so, take pictures of the cars involved and the position in which the cars are in. Liability can be easily determined and hard to deny when there is photographic or video evidence of an accident. Photographing the license plate of the other vehicles involved in the accident is also important and any other damage to property can help piece together how the event happened.
  1. Exchange contact and insurance information with any other party involved in the car accident which an officer will usually do when he or she arrives at the scene. It’s important to get the name, driver’s license, vehicle information, insurance company, and insurance policy number of the other driver to ensure he or she does not flee the scene before police arrive to file a report.
  1. Contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Breaux Law. As soon as you’re able, call us. We can review the circumstances surrounding your car accident. Explain whether you have a viable claim against the other driver. We will investigate your accident, gather evidence to help establish liability and your damages, guide you through the claims process. Use our strong approach to make sure the insurance company takes your claim seriously.

Reach out to the team at Breaux Law Firm for a free consultation after you’ve experienced a car accident in New Orleans. It is always better to contact us before accepting any money from an auto insurance company, even if you choose not to work with an attorney or waive your rights to be represented. Contact the personal injury team at Breaux Law Firm for your free consultation today.