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February 14, 2022

Breaux Law Firm Takes a Hands-On Approach to Your Car Accident Case — Because Personal Injury In Louisiana Requires Personal Attention

by Evan Breaux | Breaux Law Firm | 0 comments

What sets Breaux Law Firm apart from other law firms? We explain our mission statement of “personal attention for personal injury,” and what that means for you.  

In this article, we cover:

  1. Our Hands-On Approach; 
  2. What to Look For with a Personal Injury Law Firm;
  3. Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer; and
  4. How to Contact Breaux Law Firm. 

At Breaux Law Firm, we believe personal injury in Louisiana requires personal attention. As a personal injury law firm, this is not only our company’s slogan but our mission statement. 

Our Hands-On Approach 

What sets Breaux Law Firm apart from other firms is the personal care and undivided attention we devote to each of our clients. When you call us, you will talk to a lawyer. If you need to have a meeting with your lawyer, we will meet with you in person. We take a hands-on approach to fulfilling the responsibilities that come with working as personal injury Louisiana attorneys. That means we put in the time and effort that other law firms will avoid or skip over. 

Why do we go the extra mile and care so much about our clients? Because we believe in building a network of happy, satisfied clients who know they’ve chosen to work with personal injury lawyers who give them the personal attention they deserve. 

Lead by father and son personal injury in Louisiana attorneys Darryl Breaux and Evan Breaux, we’re a family-owned injury law firm. As a family business, when we represent somebody, they become part of our firm’s family. And then we fight for them as if fighting for our own sister, brother, or grandmother. It’s that level of care and attention that sets us apart from other personal injury law firms. 

While bigger, more corporate law firms might have flashy billboards, they also take on a lot more clients—which means they have a lot going on, and they’re busy. Attorneys at corporate law firms may not have the time needed to give personalized attention to each client they represent. 

But at Breaux Law Firm, we believe those corporate law firms are missing an important opportunity to create relationships. Because client relationships are what it’s all about in this industry. The experienced personal injury Louisiana attorneys at Breaux Law Firm are happy when our clients are happy. We fight for you because we truly care about you.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

With almost a hundred glowing online reviews on Google written by individuals who consider themselves part of the Breaux Law Firm family, our reviews speak for themselves. The following are just a few things our clients have taken the time to write in Google reviews:

“My family has been dealing with this law firm for the past 30 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

“Thank you, Mr. Evan, for all your help. My family has been using this law firm for years. Best Louisiana accident lawyers.”

“Thanks, Darryl and Evan, for all your help with my case. Everything was great. Highly recommended these attorneys in New Orleans.”

“They are the best. EVAN represented me and I am VERY PLEASED WITH MY RESULTS!!! Always answered the phone, if not I received a call back within 5 minutes, and also checked up on me and my well-being. I would most definitely refer/suggest this law firm. Thank you!”

What to Look For with a Personal Injury Louisiana Law Firm

  1. Do they go above and beyond for their clients? 

You hire a lawyer to represent you in one particular case. At some law firms, that’s where their service ends. But at Breaux Law Firm, we don’t work that way. We’re family-oriented, and we want to be helpful above all else. We’re just like you. And we’re always willing to give you an extra few minutes of our time. 

At Breaux Law Firm, we make sure to go above and beyond by offering courtesies to our clientele. Need something notarized? Just come on by. Have questions about something unrelated to a case our lawyers are representing you on? Just call. If you’re our client, you’re family, and we’ll help you out. 

  1. Do they treat you and your case with respect and thoughtful, personalized attention? 

Everyone’s case is different. There is no formula that a lawyer can apply across every client’s file. Each case should receive a treatment that is tailored to the victim’s unique situation. You can tell your lawyer is treating you with respect and personalized attention based on a few factors: they listen to you, they speak to you with respect, they return your phone calls and arrange meetings with you, they don’t overgeneralize your situation, they explain the ins and outs of your case patiently, they honor your wishes and don’t force you toward a conclusion you’re uncomfortable with. If your lawyer isn’t doing these things, you might seek out new legal representation. 

  1. Are they hiding behind flashy marketing?

Some firms rely solely on advertising. We’ve got nothing against that. But for the personal injury attorneys at Breaux Law Firm, advertising really isn’t all that necessary. Why? Because our clientele shows up through word-of-mouth references. Maybe we represented this person decades ago, or we represented their family member, co-worker, neighbor, or friend. Our clients are folks we’ve known in the past, and folks who have just called us for the first time.

Our repeat business and our happy clients prove how seriously we take our work and our service. The word-of-mouth recommendations that send nearly all of our clients to our door are what we are most proud of, and reiterate the power of personalized attention and our hands-on approach. We believe that spending extra time with clients and offering a personal touch is far more valuable than a flashy billboard any day.  

  1. Are they people-oriented?

Personal injury law is very customer service-oriented. It’s where the personal injury attorneys at Breaux Law Firm shine. We know how important it is not only to be a good lawyer but to be a people-person. And we love people. We love serving the public. That’s why we’re so good at what we do. 

In short, when hiring a personal injury lawyer, think about how your fellow community members talk about them, think about their results, and, most importantly, take into consideration how they make you feel. 

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury in Louisiana lawyer knows the ins and outs of the legal system and files a claim against an insurance company. After a car accident or another type of personal injury, some people may wish to tackle filing a claim on their own. But we don’t recommend going it alone. A personal injury lawyer will help you each step of the way. Insurance companies and other responsible parties will try their best to avoid accepting liability and paying you what you deserve. They may even resort to intimidation or pressuring you to accept a too-low offer. A personal injury lawyer is your advocate, guiding you through the legal process and fighting for your rightful compensation.

And the best thing is, you don’t pay us until you win your case. Breaux Law Firm only takes on cases we feel confident about representing. 

Here are just a few examples of the results Breaux Law Firm has attained for our clients:

  • $1,000,000 won for a 7-year-old child hit by a commercial vehicle while crossing a busy road in New Orleans.
  • $2,250,000 won for a 35-year-old man rear-ended while driving his vehicle on Interstate 10.
  • $950,000 won for a longshoreman injured by an improperly welded metal plate while working on the Mississippi River.
  • $625,000 won for a client involved in a three-car accident in Iberville Parish.

How to Contact Breaux Law Firm 

If you are located in New Orleans, South Louisiana, or the Gulf Coast area and are looking for a personal injury law firm, contact Breaux Law Firm today. We offer a free consultation for all potential clients. Come chat with us, and we’ll listen carefully to the details of your accident.

Personal injuries are traumatic and frightening, and in the aftermath of an accident, you deserve to work with a lawyer who treats you respectfully and kindly. You deserve to work with a lawyer who is experienced enough to fight for your fair compensation of losses—and win. That’s why, at Breaux Law Firm, we offer personalized care and attention for personal injury Louisiana. Reach out to us today or call us at (504) 882 0552.