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March 8, 2023

After 3 Years of Fighting, Breaux Law Wins $250,000 for Injured Mother

by Evan Breaux | Case Study | 0 comments

In autumn of 2015, a young mother came to Breaux Law Firm as a victim of a rear-end collision seeking our help. While she was stopped for traffic, she was rear-ended in New Orleans Parish. Her injuries included neck herniations and back pain. After undergoing two epidural steroid injections and two nerve root block injections, a doctor suggested she have neck fusion surgery. However, she did not have the surgery, in part because the at-fault driver’s insurance company refused to accept liability or pay for her damages.

Despite the at-fault driving having a $250,000 policy limit, which would cover the cost of our client’s medical bills and surgery, the liability insurance company did not accept responsibility. We deposed the other driver, who admitted they were at fault. Yet, still, the other insurance company refused liability. Eventually, we took the additional step of filing a motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability, through which the court decreed that the other driver was indeed liable for the rear-end accident. After filing this motion and having the court establish fault, the team at Breaux Law Firm made the difficult decision to go to trial. We set a date for the trial. The looming threat of a trial was enough to make the insurance company finally pay our client $250,000 after three long years of fighting.

The lesson we at Breaux Law Firm took away from this particular case? The insurance company will delay, and deny, and use all kinds of tactics to avoid paying. They are hoping their opponent gives up and gives in. But we persevered. And this hardworking, determined young mother was able to receive the full compensation she deserved after being injured by a reckless driver. Perseverance and a determination to keep fighting, no matter what, is how Breaux Law won this battle.

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